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What is the Fastest Way to Sell a Home in Vancouver?

Posted on Jan 12, 2023

Selling your home can be a time-consuming and stressful process, especially in Vancouver, where the real estate market is known for being competitive. However, by taking a few key steps, you can increase your chances of selling your home quickly and at the right price.

• Price your home correctly: This is one of the most critical factors in selling...

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How to Find a Real Estate Agent in Vancouver

Posted on Jan 11, 2023

Finding a real estate agent can be daunting, especially if you're new to buying or selling a home. However, with some research and careful consideration, you can find an agent who will work hard to help you achieve your goals. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Look for an agent with experience. Look for an agent who has been in the busines...

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What are the Advantages of Purchasing a Presale in The Greater Vancouver Market?

Posted on Jan 06, 2023

Presale properties offer many benefits for investors. Some of the attractive features of the presale market include:

  • Popular with Tenants: Newer buildings are often popular with tenants due to their modern design, new fixtures and appliances, and amenities like swimming pools, workout centers, and concierge service.

  • Higher Rent: Tenants are often wil...

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Is it Safe to Buy a Presale Property in Greater Vancouver?

Posted on Jan 05, 2023

Buying a pre-sale condo in British Columbia is generally safe thanks to the Real Estate Development Marketing Act, which provides a significant level of protection for buyers. If you have any concerns about a particular developer, you can contact the Home Owner Protection Office for more information. Additionally, there are several key factors to c...

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New Homebuyer Protection Period Takes Effect in British Columbia, Offering Enhanced Security for Buyers

Posted on Jan 04, 2023

What is the New Homebuyer Protection Period in British Columbia?

As of Tuesday, January 3, 2023, homebuyers in British Columbia now have additional protection in the real estate market thanks to the implementation of the homebuyer protection period. This mandatory three-business-day period allows homebuyers more time to secure financing or arrange h...

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What is a Presale in the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Market?

Posted on Jan 03, 2023

Vancouver's pre-sale condo market offers a range of opportunities for buyers, including those who are new to homeownership and experienced real estate investors. Pre-sale condos are units that are sold by developers before they are built and sometimes before construction has even started.

Montrose Square By Quantum Properties

The buyer purchases the...

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